comparison of the specificity of human and bovine tuberculin ppf for testing cattle. 3. national trial in great britain.a field trial on a country-wide basis was undertaken to compare the specificity for bovine tuberculosis of single and comparative tuberculin tests in cattle using either weybridge human or weybridge bovine ppd. the tests were made on 10,305 cattle in 179 herds distributed throughout all regions of england, scotland and wales. results showed that a comparative tuberculin test using avian ppd with either human or bovine ppd had a much higher efficiency than a single injection of mammalian tubercul ...197547752
the population structure of mycobacterium bovis in great britain: clonal expansion.we have analyzed 11,500 isolates of mycobacterium bovis (the cause of tuberculosis in cattle and other mammals) isolated in great britain (england, wales and scotland)] and characterized by spoligotype. genetic exchange between cells is rare or absent in strains of the mycobacterium tuberculosis complex so that, by using spoligotypes, it is possible to recognize "clones" with a recent common ancestor. the distribution of variable numbers of tandem repeats types in the most common clone in the da ...200314657373
analysis of multidrug-resistant mycobacterium bovis from three clinical samples from determine whether multidrug-resistant (mdr) strains of mycobacterium bovis isolated from patients in scotland were genotypically related.200314677895
mycobacterial disease in cats in great britain: i. culture results, geographical distribution and clinical presentation of 339 cases.this study investigated 339 cases of feline mycobacterial disease from cats with cutaneous lesions or masses found at exploratory laparotomy. tissue samples were submitted to the veterinary laboratories agency for mycobacterial culture over a 4-year period to december 2008. the study assessed which species of culturable mycobacteria were involved, where the cats lived, and their clinical presentation (physical findings, serum biochemistry, radiography, feline leukaemia virus and feline immunodef ...201122079343
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