spoligotype diversity and 5-year trends of bovine tuberculosis in extremadura, southern spain.bovine tuberculosis (btb) causes significant losses to farming economies worldwide. a better understanding on the epidemiology of this disease and the role that the different hosts develop in the maintenance and spread of btb is vital to control this zoonotic disease. this study reports the spoligotype diversity and temporal evolution of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (mtbc) isolates obtained from extremadura (southern spain). genotyping data of mycobacterium bovis (nā€‰=ā€‰2102) and mycobacteri ...201627524741
bovine tuberculosis in wild boar (sus scrofa), red deer (cervus elaphus) and cattle (bos taurus) in a mediterranean ecosystem (1992-2004).during the last 12 years, an increasing frequency in condemnation of hunted red deer and wild boar carcasses due to the presence of tubercle-like lesions has been observed in extremadura (western spain). before 1993, tuberculosis was a very rare finding in hunted animals. the current tuberculosis regional prevalence in cattle approaches 0.4% after years of expensive test and slaughter campaigns. it is imperative to investigate the epidemiology of mycobacterium bovis infection in red deer and wil ...200616297475
molecular epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis in wild animals in spain: a first approach to risk factor human tuberculosis (mycobacterium tuberculosis), molecular epidemiology has accurately indicated the risk factors involved in active transmission of the disease, by comparing individuals whose isolates belong to a cluster with patients whose strains are considered unique. nevertheless, this application has not been used in bovine tuberculosis (mycobacterium bovis). our study describes the integration of epidemiological data into molecular classification data on m. bovis isolates. these were i ...200516143470
an epidemiological evaluation of mycobacterium bovis infections in wild game animals of the spanish mediterranean ecosystem.recreational hunting of indigenous wild artiodactyls has been one of the most lucrative and rapidly growing industries in western spain over the last five years. in the absence of careful ecological management, one consequence of the commercial exploitation of this natural resource has been the appearance of outbreaks of infectious disease; most notably bovine tuberculosis. from the outset of the study in 1997, we have observed a steady increase in prevalence of mycobacterium bovis (m. bovis) in ...200616045949
comparative pathology of the natural infections by mycobacterium bovis and by mycobacterium caprae in wild boar (sus scrofa).the potential role of wild animals in the maintenance and spread of tuberculosis (tb) infection in domestic livestock is of particular importance in countries where eradication programs have substantially reduced the incidence of bovine tuberculosis but sporadic outbreaks still occur. mycobacterium bovis is the agent mainly isolated in wildlife in spain, but recently, infections by mycobacterium caprae have increased substantially. in this study, we have analysed 43 mandibular lymph nodes sample ...201322469036
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