evolution and clonal traits of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in guinea-bissau.two hundred twenty-nine consecutive isolates of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex from patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in guinea-bissau, which is located in west africa, were analyzed for clonal origin by biochemical typing and dna fingerprinting. by using four biochemical tests (resistance to thiophene-2-carboxylic acid hydrazide, niacin production, nitrate reductase test, and pyrazinamidase test), the isolates could be assigned to five different biovars. the characteristics of four strai ...199910565899
genomic analysis distinguishes mycobacterium africanum.mycobacterium africanum is thought to comprise a unique species within the mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. m. africanum has traditionally been identified by phenotypic criteria, occupying an intermediate position between m. tuberculosis and m. bovis according to biochemical characteristics. although m. africanum isolates present near-identical sequence homology to other species of the m. tuberculosis complex, several studies have uncovered large genomic regions variably deleted from certain ...200415297503
oral polio vaccine influences the immune response to bcg vaccination. a natural experiment.oral polio vaccine (opv) is recommended to be given at birth together with bcg vaccine. while we were conducting two trials including low-birth-weight (lbw) and normal-birth-weight (nbw) infants in guinea-bissau, opv was not available during some periods and therefore some infants did not receive opv at birth, but only bcg. we investigated the effect of opv given simultaneously with bcg at birth on the immune response to bcg vaccine.201020502641
biochemical heterogeneity of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates in guinea-bissau.fifty-six strains of the mycobacterium tuberculosis complex from patients in guinea-bissau were examined by using four biochemical tests (niacin production, nitrate reductase, pyrazinamidase, and resistance to thiophen-2-carboxylic acid hydrazide). the isolates were divided into five different biovars within a spectrum ranging from classical human m. tuberculosis to classical m. bovis.19938370754
low birth weight infants and calmette-guérin bacillus vaccination at birth: community study from developing countries, low birth weight (lbw) children are often not vaccinated with calmette-guérin bacillus (bcg) at birth. recent studies have suggested that bcg may have a nonspecific beneficial effect on infant mortality. we evaluated the consequences of not vaccinating lbw children at birth in guinea-bissau.200415194836
drug susceptibility in mycobacterium tuberculosis of a sample of patients in guinea bissau.sputum samples from patients with known or suspected tuberculosis were collected in bissau, guinea bissau, and isolates belonging to the mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (m. tuberculosis, m. bovis or m. africanum) were examined for their susceptibility to the 4 drugs streptomycin, isoniazid, ethambutol and rifampicin. of 59 m. tuberculosis complex isolates only 2 were resistant to any of the drugs (isoniazid). thus there is little resistance to these first line drugs among m. tuberculosis isol ...19938324205
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