exploring the use of molecular epidemiology to track bovine tuberculosis in nigeria: an overview from 2002 to 2004.tuberculosis remains a major public health problem in nigeria. while human to human transmission of mycobacterium tuberculosis is clearly of major importance in driving the tuberculosis epidemic in nigeria, the impact of mycobacterium bovis transmission from infected cattle is largely unknown. molecular epidemiology of m. bovis in nigeria will increase our understanding of this endemic disease and provide tools to assess cattle-to-human transmission. between 2002 and 2004, molecular techniques i ...201121420254
molecular epidemiology of human and animal tuberculosis in ibadan, southwestern nigeria.from 2005 to 2007, mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (mtc) strains were isolated from cattle, goats and pigs samples collected at the bodija abattoir and from human samples from tuberculosis patients and livestock traders at the akinyele cattle market in ibadan, southwestern nigeria. seventy four isolates obtained from humans (24) and livestock (50) were identified as mtc strains. thirty two isolates were spoligotyped. nineteen of these 32 isolates were identified as m. tuberculosis whilst 13 w ...201121458174
molecular analysis of human and bovine tubercle bacilli from a local setting in establish a molecular epidemiological baseline for the strains causing tuberculosis in nigeria, a survey of isolates from humans and cattle was carried out. spoligotyping and variable-number tandem-repeat analysis revealed that the majority of tuberculosis disease in humans in ibadan, southwestern nigeria, is caused by a single, closely related group of mycobacterium tuberculosis strains. using deletion typing, we show that approximately 13% of the disease in humans in this sample was caused ...200616390943
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