genetic biodiversity of mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains from patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in cameroon.we analyzed dna polymorphisms in 455 mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates from 455 patients to evaluate the biodiversity of tubercle bacilli in ouest province, cameroon. the phenotypic and genotypic identification methods gave concordant results for 99.5% of m. tuberculosis isolates (413 strains) and for 90% of mycobacterium africanum isolates (41 strains). mycobacterium bovis was isolated from only one patient. analysis of regions of difference (rd4, rd9, and rd10) proved to be an accura ...200312791879
molecular genotyping of mycobacterium bovis isolated from cattle tissues in the north west region of epidemiological study was carried out to determine the mycobacterium bovis strains causing bovine tuberculosis (tb) in cattle in north west cameroon. suspected tb lesions from slaughtered cattle were cultured on lowenstein-jensen and middlebrook 7 h9 media to isolate mycobacteria agents for molecular genotyping using deletion analysis and spoligotyping. pcr-based genomic deletion typing showed that 54 of 103 tubercle bacilli isolated from cattle tissue were m. bovis strains and the african 1 ...201323132133
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