pulmonary infection due to mycobacterium bovis in a black rhinoceros (diceros bicornis minor) in south africa.we report a case of tuberculosis due to infection with mycobacterium bovis in an elderly male black rhinoceros (diceros bicornis minor) from the limpopo province in south africa. the animal was euthanized due to very poor condition, old age, and dental attrition. necropsy examination revealed two small nonencapsulated granulomas (approximately 40-mm diameter) in the dorsocaudal lobe of the left lung. sequencing of isolated crude lung tissue pcr product and boiled lung culture samples confirmed t ...200919901395
wildlife tuberculosis in south african conservation areas: implications and challenges.tuberculosis, caused by mycobacterium bovis, was first diagnosed in african buffalo in south africa's kruger national park in 1990. over the past 15 years the disease has spread northwards leaving only the most northern buffalo herds unaffected. evidence suggests that 10 other small and large mammalian species, including large predators, are spillover hosts. wildlife tuberculosis has also been diagnosed in several adjacent private game reserves and in the hluhluwe-imfolozi park, the third larges ...200616343819
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