tuberculosis in kafue lechwe (kobus leche kafuensis) and in a bushbuck (tragelaphus scriptus) on a game ranch in central province, zambia.mycobacteriosis was diagnosed for the first time outside a national park in free-ranging wild animals on a game ranch in zambia. a kafue lechwe (kobus leche kafuensis) was found dead with tuberculous lesions on a ranch near lusaka. acid-fast bacilli were found in the affected organs. mycobacteria were isolated from these tissues. a bushbuck (tragelaphus scriptus) was found dead on the same ranch with multiple superficial abscesses in the neck region, extensive granulomatous lesions in the lung, ...19989850514
bacteremia due to mycobacterium tuberculosis or m. bovis, bacille calmette-guérin (bcg) among hiv- positive children and adults in zambia.among adults with advanced hiv infection in developing countries, bacteremia due to mycobacterium tuberculosis (mtb) is common and bacteremia due to m. bovis (bacille calmette-guérin; bcg) is rare. comparable data are not available for children with hiv.200111192868
hiv, bcg and tb in children: a case control study in lusaka, zambia.even before the onset of the hiv epidemic, studies reported large variations in the protective effect of bcg against tb. the current hiv/aids epidemic has increased the incidence of tuberculosis in many countries in sub-saharan africa. thus, local estimates of the effectiveness of bcg are needed which take prevalence of hiv into account for planning strategies for vaccination and tb control programmes. a case control study was conducted in lusaka, zambia. the study included 116 tb cases and 154 ...19938411315
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