serotyping of candida albicans isolated from clinical specimens.a specific antiserum to candida albicans serotype a was prepared absorbing a total antiserum with candida albicans serotype b cells. this specific antiserum was used for serotyping c. albicans strains obtained from patients in different hospitals of havana city, cuba. two hundred strains (95.2%) were serotype a, the remaining 10 (4.8%) were serotype b. results were also correlated with strains isolated from the specimen origin, sex and race of the patient. the usefulness of this specific antiser ...19902215235
prevalence of candida albicans and trichomonas vaginalis in pregnant women in havana city by an immunologic latex agglutination test.we aimed to estimate the prevalence of candida albicans and trichomonas vaginalis in immunocompetent pregnant women living in havana city, cuba, with or without symptoms of vaginitis, using a sample of 640 women from 6 gyneco-obstetrics hospitals, which represents 2.5% of total yearly pregnant women. diagnosis was made using a new latex agglutination kit (newvagin c-kure, la habana, cuba). clinical sensitivity and specificity of this assay were validated against culture method, with 467 and 489 ...200415775877
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