species of candida isolated from anatomically distinct sites in military personnel in cuiabá, mato grosso, brazil.some fungi are natural inhabitants of the human body but may result in disease when conditions are conducive to their development. yeast infections are common and often occur in the skin and mucous membranes; however emerging species have changed this epidemiological profile. the ability to colonize different anatomical sites has been associated with the pathogenicity of candida when environmental conditions are particularly favorable. in the case of hot, humid climates, the attrition suffered b ...201121987132
candida bloodstream infection: data from a teaching hospital in mato grosso do sul, brazil.the incidence of candida bloodstream infection has increased over the past years. in the center-west region of brazil, data on candidemia are scarce. this paper reports a retrospective analysis of 96 cases of candida bloodstream infection at a brazilian tertiary-care teaching hospital in the state of mato grosso do sul, from january 1998 to december 2006. demographic, clinical and laboratory data were collected from medical records and from the hospital's laboratory database. patients' ages rang ...200818949342
[neonatal candidemia in a public hospital in mato grosso do sul].the aim of our study was to perform molecular typing on 25 clinical samples of candida spp that were isolated from children with candidemia who were hospitalized in the neonatal intensive care unit of a university hospital between 1998 and 2006. demographic and clinical data were obtained from the medical records to ascertain the clinical and epidemiological characteristics. yeast identification was done using conventional methods and susceptibility to antifungals was assessed using a microdilut ...200819009186
epidemiological and clinical characteristics of nosocomial candidiasis in university hospitals in cuiabá--mato grosso, brazil.fungal infections are emerging as an important cause of human disease, especially among hospitalized patients with serious underlying disease and several risk factors.201222285886
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