[prevalence of superficial mycoses in an urban ecosystem in sfax (tunisia)].the authors studied the epidemiological aspects and the frequency of the various etiological agents of the superficial mycosis found in the region of sfax, from 1,724 mycologic samples collected during 3 years (1989-1991). the rate of positivity is of 49%. the anthropophile dermatophytic species are often isolated dominated by the trichophyton rubrum and the trichophyton violaceum. the fungus of candida albicans type and malassezia furfur are the most frequently identified. the frequent localisa ...19938219792
[ocular parasitoses and mycoses: cases diagnosed in the central university hospital of sfax between 1996 and 1999].parasitical and fungal ophthalmic infections are polymorphic and variably severe. they are rarely reported in publications. the aim of our study has been to specify the parasitic and fungal agents isolated from the ocular samples in our district (sfax-tunisia). we surveyed retrospectively the different ocular parasitosis and mycosis diagnosed in our laboratory (sfax hospital) over a 4 year-period (1996-1999). fungal ophthalmic infections were dominated by corneal localisations: 20 cases of kerat ...200111346972
epidemiological survey of vulvovaginal candidosis in sfax, tunisia.vulvovaginal candidosis (vvc) is a common infection of the female genital tract affecting 75% women at least once in their lifetime. the aim of this study was to determine the incidence and potential risk factors associated with vvc and recurrent vulvovaginal candidosis (rvvc). a prospective study of women with vaginitis symptoms was conducted over 2 years in the regional clinic of population and family education in sfax. a discriminant analysis was used to evaluate the association between the i ...201021039942
candida dubliniensis: first identification in sfax hospital, tunisia.candida dubliniensis, a newly described fungal pathogen associated mainly to immunocompromised host's infection, is phenotypically closely related to c. albicans. in this study, we report for the first time, isolation and identification, in tunisia, of 14 isolates of c. dubliniensis from 12 human immunodeficiency virus-negative patients hospitalised in the intensive care unit (icu) at habib bourguiba sfax hospital. our study was firstly based on the failure to grow at 45 degrees c. this presumpt ...200918522698
childhood dermatomycoses study in sfax hospital, tunisia.mycoses are frequent affections in childhood. fungal type varies according to the age and the affected organ. the aim of this study was to determine the aetiological agents of childhood dermatomycoses and to draw attention to the diversity of their clinical manifestations. retrospective study dealing with children's cases with age <16-year old and having dermatomycosis diagnosed between 1991 and 2005 at the parasitology and mycology laboratory of sfax university hospital. a total of 4559 childre ...200818498308
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