onychomycosis: clinico-mycologic study of 130 patients from himachal pradesh, india.onychomycosis is a common nail infection caused by dermatophytes, yeast or other nondermatophyte molds and has diverse clinical presentations. although common in this part of the country, no significant clinico-mycologic data is available.200718032856
anticandidal synergistic activity of green tea catechins, antimycotics and copper sulphate as a mean of combinational drug therapy against candidiasis.the present investigation aims at evaluating synergistic herbal based composition of purified catechins with fluconazole, amphotericin b and copper sulphate against candida albicans (mtcc 3017) and candida glabrata (mtcc 3019). the catechins were isolated from green tea leaves of assam, himachal pradesh and uttarakhand regions of india. the synergistic activity of combinations against candida species was assessed following microdilution checkerboard technique and time kill assay. the inhibitory ...201727743771
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