antimicrobial activity of some ethnomedicinal plants used by paliyar tribe from tamil nadu, india.antimicrobial activity of 18 ethnomedicinal plant extracts were evaluated against nine bacterial strains (bacillus subtilis, staphylococcus aureus, staphylococcus epidermidis, enterococcus faecalis, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumonia, pseudomonas aeruginosa, ervinia sp, proteus vulgaris) and one fungal strain (candida albicans). the collected ethnomedicinal plants were used in folk medicine in the treatment of skin diseases, venereal diseases, respiratory problems and nervous disorders.200617042964
in vitro antifungal activity of indirubin isolated from a south indian ethnomedicinal plant wrightia tinctoria r. br.acalypha indica, cassia alata, lawsonia inermis, punica granatum, thespesia populnea and wrightia tinctoria are folklore medicines extensively used in the treatment of ringworm infections and skin related diseases in tamil nadu, india.201020691774
candidosis in children with onco-hematological diseases in chennai, south india.candida spp. are recognized as a leading contributor to mortality and morbidity in patients with onco-hematological malignancies. the rates and risk factors for mycotic infections in pediatric oncology patients are undetermined, particularly for those treated at centers in developing countries. the objective of the present study was to prospectively evaluate the species stratification and antifungal susceptibility profile of candida spp. associated with superficial and systemic infection in chil ...200516116254
identification of pneumocystis carinii in induced sputum of aids patients in chennai (madras).induced sputum samples were collected from 32 aids patients with respiratory ailments. pneumcystis carinii was demonstrated in 9 out of 32 aids cases by indirect immunofluorescence technique (hf). four cases were positive by all the three techniques namely giemsa staining, toluidine blue staining and iif, three were positive by both toluidine blue and iif, and two were positive only by iif. among other microbial pathogens, acid fast bacilli was demonstrated in all the p carinii positive cases an ...200011218675
studies on mycotic hundred and fifty cases of corneal ulcers from the government ophthalmic hospital, madras, were investigated during 1980-1982 for the mycoflora. 68 cases (45%) were positive for fungi, comprising species of aspergillus (36 cases), penicillium, fusarium (8 cases each), curvularia (4 cases), candida albicans and mucor (3 cases each), drechslera (2 cases) and cladosporium, cephalosporium, pullularia, and allescheria boydii (1 case each). incidence of these fungi in mycotic keratitis is correlat ...19892615780
dual role of acidic diacetate sophorolipid as biostabilizer for zno nanoparticle synthesis and biofunctionalizing agent against salmonella enterica and candida the present study, a yeast species isolated from cetp, vellore, tamilnadu was identified as cryptococcus sp. vitgbn2 based on molecular techniques and was found to be a potent producer of acidic diacetate sophorolipid in mineral salt media containing vegetable oil as additional carbon source. the chemical structure of the purified biosurfactant was identified as acidic diacetate sophorolipid through gc-ms analysis. this sophorolipid was used as a stabilizer for synthesis of zinc oxide nanopar ...201424150496
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