validation of a who algorithm with risk assessment for the clinical management of vaginal discharge in mwanza, tanzania.(i) to determine the microbial aetiologies of vaginal discharge in std clinic and antenatal clinic (anc) attenders; (ii) to evaluate the performance and costs of a new who algorithm for the detection of gonococcal and chlamydial infections in women complaining of vaginal discharge and/or genital itching, using a risk assessment.199810023356
risk scores to detect cervical infections in urban antenatal clinic attenders in mwanza, tanzania.detection and management of gonococcal and/or chlamydial infections in women is a challenge, particularly in developing countries where laboratory tests are not always available. the world health organisation (who) has developed a risk assessment approach to identify cervical infections among women complaining of vaginal discharge. we have evaluated this approach as a screening strategy among women attending an urban antenatal clinic (anc) in tanzania.199810023365
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