a serologic survey of mule deer and elk in utah.sera from mule deer (odocoileus hemionus) and elk (cervus canadensis) in central and northern utah were tested for the prevalence of antibodies to 11 diseases communicable to man or domestic livestock. antibodies to francisella tularensis (at 1:20) were found in 47 of 88 (53.4%) elk and 1 of 89 (1.1%) deer. a screening slide agglutination test for titers to brucella (at 1:20) showed two reactors in elk but none in deer sera. no positive antibody titers were obtained in tests for anaplasmosis, co ...1978105153
serological survey for bovine bacterial and viral pathogens in captive arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx pallas, 1776).tests for antibodies to bovine bacterial and viral pathogens were conducted on 239 sera from 128 arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx) from seven locations (taif, riyadh and mahazat as said, saudi arabia; san diego, united states of america [usa]; shaumari, jordan; qatar; and bahrain). no antibodies to pasteurella multocida type e or epizootic haemorrhagic disease 1 virus were found. antibodies to brucella abortus, p. multocida type b, p. multocida type d, lumpy skin disease virus and akabane virus were ...19921305861
serological survey for selected diseases in the endangered san joaquin kit fox (vulpes macrotis mutica).blood from endangered san joaquin kit foxes (vulpes macrotis mutica) inhabiting the elk hills naval petroleum reserve, kern county, and the elkhorn plain, san luis obispo county, california, was collected in 1981, 1982 and 1984 and sera were tested for antibodies against 10 selected pathogens. proportions of kit fox sera containing antibodies against pathogens were: canine parvovirus, 100% in 1981-1982 and 67% in 1984; infectious canine hepatitis virus, 6% in 1981-1982 and 21% in 1984; canine di ...19882836636
evaluation of north american antibody detection tests for diagnosis of brucellosis in goats.the sensitivities and specificities of 17 antibody detection tests for brucellosis in goats were estimated. tests evaluated included the u.s. department of agriculture (usda) card test with 8% cell concentration (8%card), usda rapid automated presumptive test (rap), mexican rose bengal plate tests with 8 and 3% cell concentrations (8%rb and 3%rb), french rose bengal plate test with 4.5% cell concentration (4.5%rb), usda standard plate test (spt), usda buffered acidified plate agglutination test ...19989620406
brucellosis in san diego: epidemiology and species-related differences in acute clinical presentations.although aggressive public health measures have greatly reduced the number of brucellosis cases in the united states, there is a resurgence of interest in this worldwide zoonosis because of its potential as a bioweapon and its 8-fold higher incidence in california, texas, and the other borderlands between the united states and mexico compared with the national rate. accordingly, we reviewed the clinical records of 28 patients diagnosed at a university hospital in san diego, ca, between 1979 and ...200515879907
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