brucellosis in adult beef cattle of mexican origin shipped direct-to-slaughter into compare prevalence estimates of brucellosis (br) in adult beef cattle that originated from different states and regions of mexico and that were shipped direct-to-slaughter into texas during 1995.19989524645
isolation of a field strain of brucella abortus from rb51-vaccinated- and brucellosis-seronegative bovine yearlings that calved normally.a study was carried out in pichucalco, chiapas (mexico) to determine whether recently calved cows or those that aborted shed brucella. serological diagnosis of brucellosis was made in all animals (209). six of the cows that calved normally and two that aborted underwent a bacteriological study of milk and vaginal exudate. brucella abortus was isolated from vaginal exudate samples in two 3- to 4-year-old seronegative first-birth cows that had calved normally. this was confirmed through bacteriolo ...201322956439
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