brucellosis in adult beef cattle of mexican origin shipped direct-to-slaughter into compare prevalence estimates of brucellosis (br) in adult beef cattle that originated from different states and regions of mexico and that were shipped direct-to-slaughter into texas during 1995.19989524645
prevalence of brucella abortus antibodies in equines of a tropical region of mexico.a cross-sectional study was conducted to determinate the seroprevalence rate of equine brucellosis in the state of tamaulipas, mexico. serum samples from 420 equines were analyzed with the rose bengal test at cell concentrations of 3% (rbt-3%) and 8% (rbt-8%), and positive results were confirmed with the rivanol test (rt). risk factors were determined with the prevalence ratio (pr) and the use of variables generated from a questionnaire administered to the animals' owners. serum from 1 stallion ...200617042384
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