a survey of brucellosis in camels in kano, nigeria. 1979121900
abortion in sheep near kano, nigeria.a sporadic natural infection of sheep with brucella abortus in a sheep breeding centre in kano state, nigeria, is reported. sera and milk samples from the flock of sudanese long- and fat-tailed sheep used for cross-breeding purposes were examined for brucellosis by the rose bengal plate test (rbpt), serum agglutination test (sat) and milk ring test (mrt) respectively. the overall positive reactor rate to sat was 14.5%. all 22 ewe milk samples examined by mrt were positve and brucella abortus was ...19807368315
brucellosis, genital campylobacteriosis and other factors affecting calving rate of cattle in three states of northern nigeria.reproductive diseases limit the productivity of cattle worldwide and represent an important obstacle to profitable cattle enterprise. in this study, herd brucellosis and bovine genital campylobacteriosis (bgc) status, and demographic and management variables were determined and related to predicted calving rate (prcr) of cattle herds in adamawa, kaduna and kano states, nigeria. serum samples, preputial scrapings, questionnaire data, trans-rectal palpation and farm records were used from 271 herd ...201525601264
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