[distribution of clostridium botulinum in mendoza, argentina]. 19704250723
neurotoxins from clostridium botulinum (serotype a) isolated from the soil of mendoza (argentina) differ from the a-hall archetype and from that causing infant botulism.the type a of neurotoxin produced by clostridium botulinum is the prevalent serotype in strains of mendoza. the soil is the main reservoir for c.botulinum and is possibly one of the infection sources in infant botulism. in this study, we characterized and compared autochthonous c. botulinum strains and their neurotoxins. bacterial samples were obtained from the soil and from fecal samples collected from children with infant botulism. we first observed differences in the appearance of the colonie ...201627527271
[detection of clostridium botulinum spores in honey].a total of 177 honey samples were examined for clostridium botulinum, 68 of which were from commercial origin, 8 from small rural producers for family consumption, and the remaining 6 from fractionizing centers in mendoza and san luis provinces in argentina. c. botulinum type a was detected in two samples of rural producer origin (1.1%) by the centrifugation-dilution method. the strain was recovered from one of the samples, obtaining a spore count of 55/g of honey. even though the positive perce ...19979411489
[first outbreak of botulism caused by clostridium botulinum subtype af].in december 1982 an outbreak of foodborne botulism presumably produced by the ingestion of home-made pickled trout occurred in san rafael, province of mendoza, argentina. the toxin detected in blood serum and feces samples of the sole affected patient was preliminarily typed as a plain type a. a strain of clostridium botulinum was isolated from feces which, after culture by the dialysis method, produced 1 x 10(7) ld50/mouse per ml. quantitative neutralization tests carried out at different level ...19863317514
new strains of clostridium botulinum subtype af.two new strains of clostridium botulinum subtype af have been isolated from soil samples of mendoza province, argentina. some serological and other biological properties of these new isolates have been studied in comparison with the prototype 84-sc2 strain. no differences in morphology and biochemical activities were found among these three so far known strains of this subtype. neither serologic differences have been recorded, suggesting that the bispecificity and the type a to type f serologic ...197877604
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