helicobacter pylori caga status and s and m alleles of vaca in isolates from individuals with a variety of h. pylori-associated gastric diseases.the caga gene was detected in 100% of 16 helicobacter pylori isolates from patients with gastric carcinoma versus 78% of 18 isolates from patients with duodenal ulcers (p = 0.344) and only 64% of 22 isolates from patients with gastritis only (p = 0.005) in brazil. also, there was a significant association between isolation of caga+ s1-type vaca h. pylori in cases of stomach cancer and ulcers as opposed to cases of gastritis only (p = 0.004), but this was not true in houston (p = 0.238), where 94 ...19989774617
correspondence between helicobacter pylori antibodies and urea breath test results in a us-mexico birth cohort.the uncertain accuracy of methods for detecting helicobacter pylori infection in young children complicates research on this infection in early life. the aim of the present report was to describe the correspondence between positive serology and positive urea breath test (ubt) in children followed from age 0 to 24 months in the pasitos cohort study, conducted along the us-mexico border at el paso and juarez. children were recruited before birth during 1998-2000 and examined at target ages of 6, 1 ...200818426526
the frequency of lymphocytic gastritis in 1985, two independent reports highlighted a novel subtype of chronic inflammation in the gastric mucosa, characterized by the intraepithelial lymphocytic infiltration (ili) both in the surface and the foveolar epithelium. the disease, subsequently called lymphocytic gastritis (lg) is a rare form of gastritis (0.8%-1.6% of cases), with unclear pathogenesis. more recently, lg was recorded in pigs and in non-human primates.200818396790
neural tube defects, micronutrient deficiencies, and helicobacter pylori: a new hypothesis.previous findings for the texas neural tube defects project suggested that while maternal access to nutrients is adequate, bioavailability of nutrients to the fetus is compromised in ntd-affected pregnancies. helicobacter pylori could cause nutrient loss to the fetus. folate, b12, and ferritin are depleted in h. pylori infection; these same deficiencies are related to ntd risk.200717626260
dynamics of helicobacter pylori infection in a us-mexico cohort during the first two years of life.the pasitos cohort study has followed children in el paso, texas and ciudad juarez, mexico since 1998 to identify determinants of helicobacter pylori infection. this paper describes patterns of acquisition and elimination of h. pylori infection in 468 children from birth to 24 months.200516076858
helicobacter pylori infection in pregnant women from a u.s.-mexico border population.helicobacter pylori infection causes chronic digestive diseases that disproportionately affect hispanics and other immigrant groups in the united states. information on the epidemiology of h. pylori infection in pregnant women who reside along the u.s.-mexico border is critical to understanding the dynamics of current h. pylori transmission patterns within families along the border. we describe the epidemiology of h. pylori infection in pregnant women recruited from women, infants, and children ...200314512764
importance of childhood socioeconomic status on the current prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection.helicobacter pylori infection is commoner in black and hispanic people compared with age matched white people. h pylori status was evaluated using an enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for anti-h pylori igg in 150 healthy black and hispanic people aged between 19 and 49 years. all were employed and had completed high school at least. socioeconomic status during childhood was estimated from the parents' education and occupation(s) using a modified hollingshead index and family income. five social ...19948020796
epidemiology of helicobacter pylori in an asymptomatic population in the united states. effect of age, race, and socioeconomic status.a causative role is now accepted for helicobacter (formerly campylobacter) pylori in type b gastritis, and evidence is accumulating that h. pylori infection plays a major contributory role in peptic ulcer disease. preliminary studies have reported that the prevalence of h. pylori infection increases with age, but detailed information on the prevalence of the bacteria in any defined population and on the factors that may influence the pattern of distribution remains scanty. in the present study, ...19912019355
transmission of helicobacter pylori infection. studies in families of healthy individuals.helicobacter pylori is accepted as the commonest cause of type-b gastritis. detailed information about the mode of transmission remains scanty. we investigated the frequency of h. pylori infection within families, defined as consisting of a husband and wife with at least one biologic child, all living in the same household. inclusion criteria required that both the parents and the children had been born in the united states, had used no antibiotic or bismuth for the previous 2 months, had no rec ...19911947784
vitamin b12 deficiency in resettled bhutanese refugees--united states, 2008-2011.since 2008, approximately 30,000 bhutanese refugees have been resettled in the united states. routine medical examinations of refugees after arrival in resettlement states indicated hematologic and neurologic disorders caused by vitamin b12 deficiency. these cases were reported by examining physicians and state health departments to cdc, which initiated an investigation. this report summarizes the results of that investigation. sera from overseas medical examinations, postarrival examinations in ...201121430638
brief report: increasing the duration of dual amoxicillin plus omeprazole helicobacter pylori eradication to 6 weeks: a pilot study.background: helicobacter pylori infections have become increasingly difficult to treat as antimicrobial resistance has increased aim: to test the hypothesis that a 6 week dual regimen of amoxicillin 1 gm and omeprazole 20 gm therapy bid would cure at least 90% of treatment naive h. pylori infections. methods: this was an open label prospective pilot study in which treatment naive subjects with active h. pylori infection (positive by 2 tests) received dual amoxicillin 1 g and omeprazole 20 mg, b. ...201121793914
establishment of a binational cohort to study helicobacter pylori infection in children.chronic helicobacter (h.) pylori infection, typically of childhood onset, causes upper digestive tract diseases of major impact among socioeconomically marginalized populations. this infection is common in children from ethnic minorities in the united states, and particularly so in immigrant children from mexico. prevention measures for h. pylori infection do not yet exist, given limited understanding of what causes either acute or persistent infection. to address this gap, we initiated the pasi ...200312894964
double-blind randomized trial of quadruple sequential helicobacter pylori eradication therapy in asymptomatic infected children in el paso, texas.we assessed the efficacy of a novel quadruple sequential 10-day eradication therapy, its compliance, and reported adverse events in a sample of asymptomatically helicobacter pylori-infected children in el paso, texas, as part of a study aiming to assess the influence of this infection on the levels of markers of iron stores.201121336156
determinants of geographic variation in helicobacter pylori infection among children on the us-mexico border.rates of helicobacter pylori infection are traditionally higher in developing countries than in developed countries, but the specific reasons for these differences are not fully clear. while chronic diseases resulting from h. pylori are generally of adult onset, chronic infection usually begins in childhood. in this cross-sectional study (1998-2000), the authors compared prevalences of h. pylori infection among children under age 6 years on both sides of the rio grande. participants included 264 ...200314561672
exposure to helicobacter pylori-positive siblings and persistence of helicobacter pylori infection in early childhood.cross-sectional studies suggest that helicobacter pylori may be transmitted between siblings. the present study aimed to estimate the effect of an h pylori-infected sibling on the establishment of a persistent h pylori infection.201020639704
for the patient. scientists study bacteria found more often in children and harmful to stomach. 200312894966
helicobacter pylori seroprevalence in symptomatic veterans: a study of 7310 patients over 11 years.the prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection has been decreasing in the usa, but recent data are lacking. this study evaluates the seroprevalence for anti-h. pylori antibodies in symptomatic veterans tested over the past 11 years.200919674134
the prevalence of helicobacter pylori antibody in different age groups in central texas.the prevalence of exposure to the bacteria helicobacter pylori in central texas is unknown. it has been shown that elderly individuals have a higher rate of infection than younger individuals. exposure is even higher in the elderly living in long term care facilities. evidence of exposure can be demonstrated by the presence of antibody to h. pylori. plasma samples collected from several age groups are tested for the antibody to determine the exposure rate for different age groups.201222693779
hyperendemic h. pylori and tapeworm infections in a u.s.-mexico border population.a higher incidence of infectious disease has been documented in u.s. regions bordering mexico compared with non-border areas. we assessed the prevalence of important gastrointestinal infections in ciudad juarez, mexico, and el paso, texas, the largest binational community along the u.s.-mexico border.201020433039
helicobacter pylori infection in texas hispanic and non-hispanic white men: implications for gastric cancer risk disparities.chronic helicobacter pylori ( h. pylori) infection is a major gastric adenocarcinoma (ga) risk factor. ga disproportionately affects u.s. hispanics compared with non-hispanic whites (nhws). since h. pylori infection studies in hispanics are few, infection rates in hispanic and nhw men in bexar county were compared, and relationships with ethnicity and obesity examined. age- and zip code-matched participants from a community-dwelling cohort were randomly selected. sera from 284 men were analyzed ...201728413904
helicobacter pylori infection in children of texas.acquisition of the helicobacter pylori infection usually occurs in childhood. the prevalence of infection differs among ethnic groups and in adults is inversely related to the socioeconomic status of the individual's family during childhood. this study investigates the seroprevalence of h. pylori infection in children of different ethnic groups in relation to socioeconomic class and investigates the prevalence of acute h. pylori infection among children who have had recent onset of abdominal pai ...200011045838
invited commentary: dynamics of helicobacter pylori infection in childhood. 199910430226
age distribution of helicobacter pylori seroprevalence among young children in a united states/mexico border community: evidence for transitory infection.helicobacter pylori infection has been linked to a spectrum of gastroduodenal diseases of broad public health impact, yet the natural history of this frequently asymptomatic infection remains poorly understood. evidence suggests that initial acquisition occurs primarily during childhood and may persist throughout life. the seroprevalence of h. pylori antibodies was examined in 365 primary schoolchildren aged 4-7 years in a low-income united states/mexico border community from january to may 1996 ...199910430225
osmotic effect of honey on growth and viability of helicobacter pylori.honey from new zealand and saudi arabia at concentrations approximating 20% (v/v) inhibit the growth of h. pylori in vitro. the anti-h. pylori effect involves both hydrogen peroxide- and non-peroxide-mediated killing mechanisms. this study was designed to determine whether the anti-h. pylori activity of honey differed regionally (honey from texas, iowa, and new zealand) and to determine whether this activity was due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide. broth dilution susceptibility tests were p ...199910080135
screening for helicobacter pylori and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use in medicare patients hospitalized with peptic ulcer disease.peptic ulcer disease has well-defined causes, with most cases related to helicobacter pylori infection and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug use.19999927097
microflora of gastric biopsies from patients with duodenal ulcer and gastric cancer: a comparative study of patients from korea, colombia, and the united remains unclear why the spectrum of h. pylori-related diseases differs among different geographic regions. we examined the non-h. pylori contamination rates of the stomach in patients with duodenal ulcer or gastric adenocarcinoma from three different regions with different spectra of h. pylori-related diseases. gastric biopsies were cultured from patients with duodenal ulcer or histologically proven gastric cancer from seoul, korea; bogota, colombia; and houston, texas. the frequency of non-h ...19989790468
antibiotics taken for other illnesses and spontaneous clearance of helicobacter pylori infection in children.factors that determine persistence of untreated helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) infection in childhood are not well understood. we estimated risk differences for the effect of incidental antibiotic exposure on the probability of a detected clearance at the next test after an initial detected h. pylori infection.200919455592
the association of drinking water quality and sewage disposal with helicobacter pylori incidence in infants: the potential role of water-borne transmission.the mode of transmission of helicobacter pylori, a bacterium causing gastric cancer and peptic ulcer disease, is unknown although waterborne transmission is a likely pathway. this study investigated the hypothesis that access to treated water and a sanitary sewerage system reduces the h. pylori incidence rate, using data from 472 participants in a cohort study that followed children in juarez, mexico, and el paso, texas, from april 1998, with caretaker interviews and the urea breath test for det ...201020009261
exposure to antibiotics in a united states-mexico border birth cohort.the goal was to compare the frequency of children's antibiotic intake, emphasizing antibiotics with anti-helicobacter pylori effects, in el paso, texas, and juarez, mexico.201020457685
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