chronic gastrointestinal symptoms of thomas "stonewall" jackson following mexican-american war exposure: a medical a recent study, a large proportion of veterans seen for chronic heartburn or dyspepsia after the persian gulf war had evidence for helicobacter pylori. thomas jackson was born and raised in an area of west virginia that has a high prevalence of h. pylori. he suffered chronic dyspeptic symptoms following his service in the mexican-american war. therapies that he tried included treatment with a variant of the sippy diet. following a bullet wound to the left arm at the battle of chancellorsville ...200717274257
seroprevalence of helicobacter pylori infections in a cohort of us army study the prevalence and risk factors of helicobacter pylori infection in healthy young adults, sera were collected from a nationwide sample of 404 females and 534 males (mean age, 20.2; range, 17-26 years) at induction into the us army at fort jackson, south carolina, during the fall of 1990. an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (pylori stat, biowhittaker, inc., walkersville, md) was used to detect h. pylori-specific immunoglobulin g antibodies. demographic data were obtained from a personne ...19948154475
gastric syphilis: endoscopic and histological features mimicking lymphoma.the united states is currently experiencing a syphilis epidemic. we report three cases of gastric syphilis seen during a 1-yr period. these cases were endoscopically and microscopically confused with lymphoma. recent evidence has suggested that helicobacter pylori has a causative role in the development of gastric carcinoma, lymphocytic gastritis, and lymphoma, as well as peptic ulcer disease and chronic gastritis. during the same period of heightened awareness for the role of h. pylori-associat ...19957661178
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