low prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in canadian children: a cross-sectional analysis.the incidence and prevalence rates of childhood helicobacter pylori infection vary greatly by nation, with infection rates of 8.9% to 72.8% reported in developed and developing countries, respectively. to date, few studies have assessed the prevalence of h pylori in canadian children, with studies limited to aboriginal communities and single tertiary care centres from ontario and quebec.200818478134
genetic variability determinants of helicobacter pylori: influence of clinical background and geographic origin of isolates.helicobacter pylori has an unusual pattern of genetic variation, which complicates research on this organism. to gain a better understanding of the forces behind this phenomenon, the extent to which recombination and single point mutations affect genetic variability in h. pylori was quantified and the influence of both geographical distance and clinical background were assessed. site-directed restriction-endonuclease digestion of 2 gene fragments was performed on 168 isolates from montreal and b ...200010823768
sources of nitrate exposure in residents of rural areas in quebec, canada.nitrate exposure was investigated in a group of 187 people using well water and living in four areas of rural quebec (canada) with intensive agricultural activities. nitrate intake was evaluated using a 24-h dietary recall and a food frequency questionnaire, in conjunction with a validated food database and measurements of nitrate concentrations in private wells. the total internal dose was estimated by means of the 24-h urinary nitrate excretion, while taking into account risk factors for endog ...200010791599
predictors of failure of helicobacter pylori eradication and predictors of ulcer recurrence: a randomized controlled light of evidence that helicobacter pylori treatment fails 5% to 20% of the time, the objective of this study was to determine predictors of unsuccessful h. pylori eradication and of duodenal ulcer recurrence.199910579057
iron-deficiency anemia in nunavik: pregnancy and infancy.this paper documents the problem of iron-deficiency anemia in the inuit region of nunavik, in northern quebec, particularly among pregnant women and infants. it also addresses the issue of helicobacter pylori gastritis as a possible cause of anemia in this population.199810093262
in-vitro susceptibility of helicobacter pylori to ampicillin, clarithromycin, metronidazole and omeprazole.the in-vitro activities of omeprazole and three antimicrobial agents against 89 clinical isolates of helicobacter pylori from a population with duodenal ulcer disease were determined by an agar dilution method. resistance rates were 20% for metronidazole (mic > 8 mg/l), 1% for clarithromycin (mic > 2 mg/l) and zero for ampicillin (mic > 8 mg/l). omeprazole was relatively active against h. pylori in vitro (mic < or = 8 mg/l).19979462442
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