[frequency of helicobacter pylori infection in patients with chronic urticaria of puebla university hospital].chronic urticaria may be continuous or recurrent according to its form of appearance. within the diseases associated to chronic urticaria there are mycosis, parasitism and bacterial infections where helicobacter pylori stands out. this has been related to the allergic diseases promoting a th2 response.200617357563
[prevalence of seropositividad to antibodies igg and igm against helicobacter pylori in the medical residents of the university hospital of puebla].helicobacter pylori is a gram-negative, curved, microaerophilic, oxidase, catalase and urease positive bacillus. it lives in the gastric mucosa, and is the main etiological agent of peptic ulcer, and of atrophic and multifocal gastritis. it is associated with extraintestinal, vascular, autoimmune and cutaneous diseases. the infection by this bacteria causes a chronic inflammatory process related with the sensibilization of mast cells, which increases the incidence of allergic diseases.200616884031
[prevalence and risk faactors of helicobacter pylori infection in three populations of children in puebla, mexico].the infection by helicobacter pylori affects approximately 50% of the world population, in average, nevertheless the geographical area and the socioeconomic conditions are determining for the infection in earlier ages, not even that, only 20% of these patients will develop gastroduodenal disease. the infection is distributed universally, concerning more to the countries in routes of development, where he appears with major frequency in the infantile and young population. in mexico the seropreval ...200617542276
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