[serological profile of helicobacter pylori infection in the population of san luis (argentina)].we performed a seroepidemiological study of anti-helicobacter pylori igg by a commercial enzyme immunoassay kit (meridian diagnostics, usa) in 509 serum samples from 314 randomly selected asymptomatic subjects from among the population, and grouped into children (n = 124), adolescents (n = 74) and adults (n = 116), and in 195 serum samples from subjects presenting clinical gastric symptoms, grouped into children (n = 38) and adults (n = 157). the cut-off value was redefined and set at od450 = 0. ...200415056439
genotypic, phenotypic, and clinical characteristics of isolates of helicobacter pylori from san luis, argentina.the vaca and caga genotypes of helicobacter pylori exhibited distinct geographic distribution and correlation with severity of disease. in the above genotypes (obtained from 150 h. pylori-positive patients--139 with gastritis, 10 with ulcer and 1 patient with gastric cancer) combinations vaca s1/m1 and s2/m2 were detected using pcr in 75 and 25% of isolates, respectively, in patients with chronic gastritis. the of s1/m1 and s2/m2 combinations were also detected from ulcers (60 and 40%, respectiv ...200718298050
analysis of resistance to clarithromycin and icea status in helicobacter pylori isolates from san luis, argentina. 200617046207
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