high frequency of gastric colonization with multiple helicobacter pylori strains in venezuelan subjects.multiple helicobacter pylori strains may colonize an individual host. using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and line probe assay (lipa) techniques, we analyzed the prevalence of mixed h. pylori colonization in 127 subjects from venezuela, a country of high h. pylori prevalence, from three regions representing different population groups: the andes (merida), where caucasian mestizos predominate, a major city near the coast (caracas), where amerindian-caucasian-african mestizos predominate, and ...200515956377
possible association between gastric cancer and bracken fern in venezuela: an epidemiologic explore a possible connection between specific environmental factors that might explain the high rates of stomach cancer in people living in the highlands of western venezuela, an epidemiologic study was conducted in 2 regions of contrasting topography. the regions embrace 3 andean states, mérida, táchira and trujillo, and the vicinal lowland surrounding the maracaibo lake basin of zulia state. statistical sanitary records from 1986 to 1996 comprising 5.5 million people in the study area indi ...200111146454
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