[seroprevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in health personnel in 3 hospitals in zagreb].by this study we wanted to investigate the seroprevalence of h. pylori infection in 175 health care workers of three zagreb city hospitals. the obtained results were compared with those of 2492 volunteer blood donors. the influence of age, education, socioeconomic status and length of service at specific hospital working places were investigated in relation to the frequency of h. pylori seropositivity. the blood samples were tested by commercial kits of immunoenzyme assay (elisa) and complement ...19979481886
[croatian guidelines for diagnostics and treatments of helicobacter pylori infection].in the past 30-year period of investigations, the crucial role of helicobacter pylori in chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer development, and subsequently in gastric cancer and malt lymphoma pathogenesis, has been recognized. during the first meeting of european helicobacter study group in 1996 in maastricht, the first recommendations for diagnostics and treatments of helicobacter pylori infection were published, later reviewed in 2000, 2007 and 2010. the first meeting of croatian doct ...201424720149
antibiotic resistance of helicobacter pylori in pediatric patients -- 10 years' experience.the aim of this study was to assess the pattern of evolution of resistance to antibiotics in helicobacter pylori isolated from children who underwent upper endoscopy with antral biopsy during a 10-year period (2001-2010). we retrospectively analyzed data of all children (nā€‰=ā€‰3,008) who underwent upper endoscopy during the observed period at the children's hospital zagreb, a university tertiary medical center. we calculated the rate, antibiotic susceptibility and risk factors for the h. pylori in ...201222430353
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