chemical composition and inhibitory activity against helicobacter pylori of the essential oil of apium nodiflorum (apiaceae).the chemical composition of the essential oil obtained from apium nodiflorum (l.) lag. (family apiaceae), a plant used in the ethnomedical traditions of the abruzzo region (central italy) as a culinary herb, as a diuretic, and to cure stomachache, was analyzed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, and 14 components were identified. limonene (27.72 %), p-cymene (23.06%), myristicine (18.51%), and beta-pinene (6.62%) were the main components. the antimicrobial activity of the essential oil was ...201020136461
in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of helicobacter pylori to nine antibiotics currently used in central italy.helicobacter pylori expresses an increased resistance in respect to antimicrobials currently used in therapy. the aim of this study was to evaluate the antimicrobial profiles of h. pylori isolates to nine conventional antibiotics used in a central region (abruzzo) of italy.201626554617
new transport medium for cultural recovery of helicobacter pylori.we developed a new transport medium (gesa--helicobacter pylori transport medium [publication no. wo/2014/019696, patent pending no. pct/ep2013/002292; liofilchem s.r.l., roseto degli abruzzi, teramo, italy]) for recovery of helicobacter pylori from gastric biopsy samples. gesa transport medium, in a semisolid state, provides the optimal conditions for maintaining the viability of the microorganism over time. the efficacy of the transport medium was assessed through in vitro and ex vivo experimen ...201425320229
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