prevalence of atrophic gastritis in dyspeptic patients in piedmont. a survey using the gastropanel test.chronic atrophic gastritis (cag) is a precursor of the intestinal type of gastric cancer, the second leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide. gastropanel is a recently marketed serological kit for the non-invasive diagnosis of cag, defined by some authors "even more reliable than biopsy histology". the goal of this study was 1) to evaluate the agreement between the serum gastric profile provided by gastropanel (pgi, pgii, g-17, abhp) and histology over cag diagnosis, and 2) to evaluate t ...201020604730
helicobacter pylori seroprevalence in patients with cirrhosis of the liver and hepatocellular carcinoma.infection by helicobacter hepaticus causes chronic hepatitis and hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc) in mice, and helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) genomic sequences have been demonstrated in the liver of patients with hcc. h. pylori infection reportedly occurs with high frequency in patients with cirrhosis but none of the studies has investigated it in subjects with cirrhosis and superimposed hcc. in this case-control study, we searched for the seroprevalence of h. pylori infection in patients with hc ...200314642558
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