allergy, asthma and markers of infections among albanian migrants to southern italy.studies of immigrants represent an useful tool to determine the relative relevance of environmental vs genetic factors in causing the reported rapid increase of the prevalence of sensitization and allergic diseases.200415147448
[seroepidemiology of helicobacter pylori in the province of lecce (italy)].a seroepidemiologic study was conducted in the province of lecce (italy) to describe the epidemiology of helicobacter pylori infection in the general population. igg and iga helicobacter pylori antibodies were measured by the elisa assay. overall, 21.5% of the analysed specimens were found to be positive for h pylori iga antibodies while 43% were positive for igg. in both males and females, the highest h pylori seropositivity rates were found to occur in the 41-80 year-old age groups.200919494919
primary clarithromycin resistance in italy assessed on helicobacter pylori dna sequences by taqman real-time polymerase chain reaction.helicobacter pylori clarithromycin resistance is increasing worldwide and different mutations are involved in its mechanisms. recently, molecular methods have been proposed to assess these mutations.200616423002
eradication rates in italian subjects heterogeneously managed for helicobacter pylori infection. time to abandon empiric treatments in southern europe.h. pylori eradication is strongly affected by various factors, including the ongoing antibiotic resistance. we describe a "real life" scenario in patients managed for h. pylori-related conditions, living in a southern italian region (apulia), an area with clarithromycin resistance >15%.201728617882
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