helicobacter (= campylobacter) pylori in africa.epigastric pain is a common complaint throughout africa, mostly in the form of non-ulcer dyspepsia. it has recently been suggested that helicobacter (= campylobacter) pylori, a bacterium that colonizes the gastric mucosa and causes type b gastritis, may be the cause of this epigastric pain. this paper reports the endoscopic, histological and bacteriological findings in 57 patients presenting with epigastric pain to the university of maiduguri teaching hospital during one year, together with a re ...19902202107
prevalence of antibody to helicobacter pylori in children in northern nigeria.helicobacter pylori infection is common in northern nigeria, but the age of acquisition is unknown. in a prospective study, immunoglobulin g antibodies to h. pylori were measured in 143 children under the age of 20 years. ninety-one percent of 43 randomly chosen subjects over 10 years had antibodies to h. pylori. a further 100 children under 10 years presenting to the university of maiduguri teaching hospital were also tested. sixty-nine percent had antibodies, including 58% of those aged under ...19938465385
acute perforated duodenal ulcer in maiduguri: experience with simple closure and helicobacter pylori eradication.effective medical management of peptic ulcer disease (pud) has reduced the incidence of gastric outlet obstruction (goo) as a complication, but perforation especially in the elderly remains unchanged and is in fact on the increase. there is a changing trend in emergency surgery for perforated duodenal ulcer (pdu) from definitive anti ulcer surgery to simple closure followed by helicobacter pylori eradication.200920486098
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