epidemiology of gastric cancer in jos university teaching hospital jos a 20 year review of cases.gastric cancer believed to be rare in the past in africa, is now one of the leading cancer morbidity and mortality. it is now known gastric cancer is 2-3 times higher in males than females living in the same environment. we aim to describe the comprehensive histological characteristics of gastric cancer with age and sex distribution.201021526638
gastroduodenal diseases on the jos plateau, nigeria.two hundred and forty-three nigerian patients referred for endoscopy at the jos university teaching hospital in nigeria were studied. their overall mean age was 37.7 years (sd 12.7), among those with ulcers it was 38.4 years. the male:female ratio was equal in general, but among those with ulcers it was 2:1. duodenal and gastric ulcers were found in 42(17.3%) and 12(4.9%) patients respectively, ratio of 3.5:1. there were 3 patients each with oesophageal and gastric carcinoma. our findings do not ...19947570821
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