infectious burden as a determinant of atopy-- a comparison between adults in finnish and russian karelia.evidence of the influence of pathogen exposure on the development of atopy and atopic disease is not unequivocal. we investigated the association between markers of infections and occurrence of atopy among adults in eastern finland and western russia, two adjacent areas with profound differences in living conditions and lifestyles.200616554659
allergic sensitization and microbial load--a comparison between finland and russian karelia.epidemiological data have indicated that some infections are associated with a low risk of allergic diseases, thus supporting the idea (hygiene hypothesis) that the microbial load is an important environmental factor conferring protection against the development of allergies. we set out to test the hygiene hypothesis in a unique epidemiological setting in two socio-economically and culturally markedly different, although genetically related, populations living in geographically adjacent areas. t ...200717302731
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