[epidemiological characteristics of helicobacter pylori infection in moscow].the authors studied the prevalence and a number of epidemiological features of helicobacter pylori (hp) infection in moscow. a prophylactic medical examination revealed the infection in 863 working residents of the megapolis. a mini-invasive study was used. enzyme immunoassay was carried out to determine serum igg antibodies against hp. the authors' questionnaire was used in 634 interviews. there was an extremely high incidence (88%) of hp infection. the prevalence of the infection was found to ...201121510047
[effect of cyp2c19 gene polymorphism on eradication treatment efficacy of helicobacter pylori infection]. 200919961004
[viii congress of russian gastroenterological scientific society. xxxiv session of the central research institute of gastroenterology (4-7 march, 2008, moscow). standards "diagnosis and therapy of acid-dependent diseases including helicobacter pylori-associated diseases" (third moscow agreement, 04.02.05 with supplements adopted on 06.03.08 by viii congress of russian gastroenterological scientific society)]. 200819145893
[Is antiviral therapy in gastroduodenal pathology necessary?].Mucous membrane of the gastroduodenal region of 104 patients with different pathologies (gastritis and erosive ulcerative alterations) was investigated by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Examination of the biopsy material revealed frequent occurrence of pathogenic strains of Helicobacter pylori (up to 80%) and Herpesviridae (EBV, HHV 6, HHV 7, HHV 8) in various combinations. In such cases it is necessary to use adequate antibacterial and antiviral therapy with individual choice of immunomodulat ...201122145230
[pharmaco-economic evaluation ("cost-benefit" analysis) of gastroesophageal reflux treatment]. 200314621609
[comparative genome analysis of helicobacter pylori strains].dna macroarrays were used to characterize 17 helicobacter pylori strains isolated in four geographic regions of russia (moscow, st. petersburg, kazan, and novosibirsk). of all genes, 1272 (81%) proved to occur in all strains and to constitute a functional core of the genome, and 293 (18.7%) were strain-specific and greatly varied among the h. pylori strains. most (71%) of the latter had unknown functions; the remainder included restriction-modification genes (3-9%), transposition genes (2-4%), a ...200312942635
[decreasing prevalence and incidence of ulcerative disease--an amazing phenomenon of the end of xx and the beginning of the xxi century].there demonstrated information on reducing the prevalence and incidence of peptic ulcer in the past 10 years in moscow, as well as the authors' observations about the possible factors underlying the development trend in reducing the incidence and morbidity of peptic disease.201021427929
[standarts for diagnosis and treatment of acid and associated with helicobacter pylori disease (the fourth moscow agreement)]. 201020731141
alcohol consumption, smoking and risk of gastric cancer: case-control study from moscow, examine the risk of gastric cancer associated with alcohol consumption and smoking in men and women in moscow, russia.200010843447
[stages in the improvement of drug therapy at a polyclinic].within 1968-1997 the authors studied the steps of introduction of the achievements of the medical science, technology and pharmacology to therapy of exacerbations and complications of peptic ulcer (pu). the scientific and practical value of endoscopic, histological, biochemical and bacteriological examinations in the improvement of the methods of pharmacotherapy of exacerbations and complications of pu was shown. three phases of the pu development were indicated by the clinical signs and results ...200010904808
[molecular biological and clinical-morphological studies of gastric tumors associated with epstein-barr virus].the paper presents the results of the studies of gastric cancer (gc) associated with epstein-barr virus (ebv) among the patients residing in 4 geographical regions. in situ hybridization (ish) techniques revealed that 49(11.4%) of the 430 examinees were ebv positive (ebv+), the virus-specific marker mrna-1 of ebv, eber-1) was found to be present in 80-100) of tumor cells. the proportion of ebv(+)-associated gc cases in different geographic regions ranged from 7.3 to 15%. these tumors were predom ...200010765732
aspirin protects against gastric cancer: results of a case-control study from moscow, russia.a case-control study of stomach cancer which includes 448 cases and 610 hospital controls has been conducted in moscow, russia. information on life-style habits, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, diet, medical history and use of different medications including aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids) was collected using a self-administered structured questionnaire. venous blood was drawn from 361 cases and 441 controls. a serological test for helicobacter pylori immun ...199910404057
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