Genetic polymorphism of XRCC3 codon 241 and Helicobacter pylori infection-related gastric antrum adenocarcinoma in Guangxi Population, China: a hospital-based case-control study.The relationship between Helicobacter pylori infection and gastric antrum adenocarcinoma (GAA) has previously been demonstrated and supported with strong epidemiological evidence. However, the role of genetic polymorphism of X-ray cross-complementing group 3 (XRCC3) Thr241Met (rs#861539), which may be involved in the repair of DNA double-strand breaks caused by carcinogens such as CagA, a protein produced by H. pylori, has been less well elaborated.201121937297
genetic polymorphisms in dna repair genes xpc, xpd, and xrcc4, and susceptibility to helicobacter pylori infection-related gastric antrum adenocarcinoma in guangxi population, china.genetic polymorphisms in dna repair genes may influence individual variation in dna repair capacity, which may be associated with risk of gastric antrum adenocarcinoma (gaa) related to helicobacter pylori infection. this study, including 361 gaas and 616 controls without any evidence of tumors, was designed to evaluate the association between the polymorphisms of dna repair genes xpc ala499val (rs#2228000) and lys939gln (rs#2228001), xpd lys751gln (rs#13181), and xrcc4 ala247ser (rs#3734091) and ...201020232359
[association of hla-dqa1 loci with helicobacter pylori infection in children of guangxi zhuang, mulam nationalities, china and central jing nationality, vietnam].to compare the prevalence of helicobacter pylori (hp) infection in children of zhuang and mulan ethnic groups, guangxi luocheng county, china and in children of jing ethnic group, central vietnam and to analyze the association of hla-dqa1 alleles of these ethnic groups' children with hp infection.200415347442
regional variation among vaca alleles of helicobacter pylori in china.allelic variation among helicobacter pylori vaca occurs in the signal and middle region of the gene. the aim of the study was to investigate alleleic variation of vaca among h. pylori strains from three regional areas of china and the relationship between vaca alleles and pud. dna extracted from 88 clinical isolates of h. pylori was analyzed by type-specific pcr and reverse hybridization line probe assay (lipa) to determine the genotype of vaca and presence of caga. in 87 isolates, all of the va ...200312734231
helicobacter pylori isolates from ethnic minority patients in guangxi: resistance rates, mechanisms, and investigate the rate of helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) resistance to clarithromycin among ethnic minority patients in guangxi, explore the underlying mechanisms, and analyze factors influencing genotype distribution of h. pylori isolates.201424782630
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