enzyme biotypes of helicobacter pylori isolated from penang, peninsular malaysia.a total of 52 clinical strains of helicobacter pylori were characterized on the basis of preformed enzyme production with api zym kits. using the biotyping schemes as defined by reina and alomar (1989), kung et al (1989) and matsumoto et al (1996), 15.3% (8/52), 13.5% (7/52) and 11.5% (6/52) of the isolates were not biotypable, respectively. two enzymes, valine arylamidase and cystine arylamidase could be additionally used to differentiate between isolates. our isolates were either negative or p ...200011414414
differences in the pattern of gastric carcinoma between north-eastern and north-western peninsular malaysia: a reflection of helicobacter pylori prevalence.a retrospective study on demographics of gastric carcinoma was conducted in hospital pulau pinang (hpp) with the aim of comparing it to a previous study done in hospital universiti sains malaysia (husm), kelantan. the incidence of gastric carcinoma was much higher in penang compared to kelantan. it was commonest in males and chinese. the incidence and site of gastric carcinoma closely parallels helicobacter pylori infection rates. this was evidenced by the higher incidence and non-cardia locatio ...200415779598
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