prevalence study to elucidate the transmission pathways of helicobacter pylori at oral and gastroduodenal sites of a south indian population.since the discovery of helicobacter pylori (h. pylori), much progress has been made worldwide in the field of its epidemiology. in spite of these advancements, many aspects of epidemiology still remain unclear, particularly among populations with low socio-economic status. the present study was designed to elucidate the different routes of transmission of h. pylori in the hyderabad (south india) population and to investigate the impact of certain factors, such as age, gender, and lifestyle.200616572240
geographical difference in antimicrobial resistance pattern of helicobacter pylori clinical isolates from indian patients: multicentric assess the pattern of antimicrobial resistance of helicobacter pylori isolates from peptic ulcer disease patients of chandigarh, delhi, lucknow, hyderabad and chennai in india, and to recommend an updated anti-h. pylori treatment regimen to be used in these areas.200314675265
diversity in the cag pathogenicity island of helicobacter pylori isolates in populations from north and south india.the cag pathogenicity island (cagpai) has been reported to be the major virulence determinant in helicobacter pylori-related diseases. in the present study, the diversity of the caga gene and the integrity of the cagpai in 158 h. pylori strains from varanasi (north india) and hyderabad (south india) were studied by amplifying the caga gene (approximately 3.5 kb), followed by pcr-rflp analysis. the results revealed significant differences in the caga gene and the integrity of the cagpai between n ...201019815664
seroepidemiology of helicobacter pylori infection in india. comparison of developing and developed countries.helicobacter pylori (previously campylobacter pylori) is now accepted as the major cause of type b gastritis and thus what is known about the epidemiology of type b gastritis can reasonably be transferred to h. pylori. we used a specific elisa for anti-h. pylori igg to study the prevalence of h. pylori infection in a population of lower socioeconomic class from hyderabad, india. the results from india were compared to studies from other parts of the world. two hundred thirty-eight individuals ag ...19911864201
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