antigen profile of helicobacter pylori strains isolated from peptic ulcer patients in dhaka, bangladesh.the whole-cell-extract and the acid-extract preparations of helicobacter pylori strains isolated from peptic ulcer patients and the nctc 11638 control strain were studied to compare their antigen profiles. besides, the anti-h. pylori-antibody profile in serum from h. pylori-infected peptic ulcer patients were also studied to define the antigen stimulating specific anti-h. pylori-antibody response in the infected patients. the whole-cell extract (wce) and the acid-extract (ae) preparations showed ...19938031286
infection by helicobacter pylori in bangladeshi children from birth to two years: relation to blood group, nutritional status, and seasonality.a birth cohort of 238 children was followed in an urban slum in dhaka, bangladesh, to determine incidence, prevalence, and epidemiologic factors related to helicobacter pylori infection.200919116602
seropositivity of helicobacter pylori among the fish handlers.this case control study was done to study the seropositivity of helicobacter pylori among the fish handlers and to find out rapid urease test (rut) & haematoxillin and eosin staining report correlation of seropositive cases. it was performed among fish handlers in the period of july 2005 to june 2006. blood samples were collected from fish handlers (group i) and some non-fish handler control subjects (group ii) to perform anti-h. pylori igg test by elisa method. samples were collected from both ...201020395915
presence of high numbers of transcriptionally active helicobacter pylori in vomitus from bangladeshi patients suffering from acute gastroenteritis.helicobacter pylori is one of the most prevalent human bacterial pathogens; however, its transmission pathways remain unknown. new infections of h. pylori during outbreaks of gastroenteritis have been suggested previously, and to explore this transmission route further h. pylori was quantified in vomitus and diarrheal stool of patients suffering from acute gastroenteritis in dhaka, bangladesh.200919674127
failure to detect helicobacter pylori dna in drinking and environmental water in dhaka, bangladesh, using highly sensitive real-time pcr assays.the main transmission pathway of helicobacter pylori has not been determined, but several reports have described detection of h. pylori dna in drinking and environmental water, suggesting that h. pylori may be waterborne. to address this possibility, we developed, tested, and optimized two complementary h. pylori-specific real-time pcr assays for quantification of h. pylori dna in water. the minimum detection level of the assays including collection procedures and dna extraction was shown to be ...200919304824
high prevalence of caga and vaca seropositivity in asymptomatic bangladeshi children with helicobacter pylori evaluate the prevalence of antibodies against two major markers of virulence of helicobacter pylori--cytotoxin-associated gene a (caga) and the vacuolating cytotoxin gene (vaca)--among children in a peri-urban community of bangladesh, and to evaluate western blot (wb) assay for detection of h. pylori infection diagnosed by 13c urea breath test (ubt) in such children.200415513567
seroprevalence of helicobacter pylori among the diabetic population in bangladesh: a comparative serological study on the newly diagnosed and older diabetics.this prospective study was designed to find out the prevalence of h. pylori infection among the diabetic population in bangladesh with a comparison between the newly diagnosed and older diabetics. for this study 520 diabetic patients: 152 (29%) newly diagnosed and 368 (71%) older diabetics of both sexes (250 male, 270 female) with a mean age of 58.5 +/- 12.04 years (range 10-70 years), were selected randomly from out and in-patient departments of birdem, dhaka. mean fasting and 2 hours post load ...200111692900
prevalence of helicobacter pylori in asymptomatic population--a pilot serological study in bangladesh.epidemiological reports reveal that h. pylori is distributed among all population in the world. the present cross-sectional study was undertaken to see the h. pylori seroprevalence rates among the asymptomatic adults, as yet reportedly no such data available in bangladesh. serum samples were collected from 181 consecutive subjects who attended at the health check-up centre of bangladesh institute of diabeties, endocrine and metabolic disorders (birdem), dhaka, during the period of august to nove ...19979465552
isolation and characterization of helicobacter pylori strains from peptic ulcer patients in dhaka, study the association of helicobacter pylori with peptic ulcer and the associated histopathological changes, to characterize the isolated strains in terms of their protein profile, 83 peptic ulcer cases were studied. a high association of h pylori with peptic ulcer (duodenal ulcer 77%, gastric ulcer 75%) and gastritis (74%) was observed. age and smoking did not have any relationship with h pylori infection. the infection was predominantly associated with the 'quiescent' form of chronic gastri ...19958868353
the prevalence of mixed helicobacter pylori infections in symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects in dhaka, bangladesh.helicobacter pylori is a highly genetically diverse bacterial species, which can persist in the gastric environment for decades. recent studies have shown that single infections predominate in developed countries, whereas mixed infections are more prevalent in developing countries. mixed infections of this bacterium may be important for adaptation to the hostile gastric environment and may facilitate dyspeptic symptoms.201525827337
two populations of less-virulent helicobacter pylori genotypes in bangladesh.bangladesh has a population with a low gastric cancer risk but high prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection. several studies have examined virulence genes in h. pylori from bangladesh. we analyzed caga and vaca subtypes and their association with severe histology phenotypes, and analyzed population types among bangladeshi strains. we included patients who underwent endoscopy in dhaka. sequences of virulence genes and seven housekeeping genes were obtained by next generation sequencing and co ...201728797101
association of helicobacter pylori infection and gastric carcinoma.gastric carcinoma is a worldwide disease, representing the second most frequent cancer in the world. gastric carcinogenesis is a multifactoral process and it results from interaction of the several factors that are related to diet, environment, genetic susceptibility, and helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) infection. many evidence showed that h. pylori, the important pathogen for a wide spectrum of gastro duodenal diseases. substantial epidemiological evidence exists for an increased risk of gastri ...201222314459
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