the evaluation of vaca gene alleles frequency in helicobacter pylori strains in children and adults in podlaskie region.the frequency of helicobacter pylori infection in population can depend on the organism resistance, genetic condition, and bacterial strains virulence. a vaca gene, of mosaic structure, which encodes vacuolating cytotoxin is one of the known genes of h. pylori. the existence of several different genotypes of s and m regions enables the formation of numerous combinations of vaca gene genome. the studies on vaca genotype revealed that the frequency of occurrence of h. pylori containing s1 or s2, a ...200717951170
[familial transmission of helicobacter pylori infection in podlasie region].the purpose of the study was to assess the incidence of helicobacter pylori infection in members of families in the podlasie region. the study included members of 205 families in whom igg antibodies against h. pylori were determined. the mean number of members examined in a family was 3.07. the mean age was 16.6 years; the mean level of specific igg antibodies was 67.35 u/ml. of the families examined 47 (22.0%) had all members with a positive titer of antibodies against h. pylori (> 24 u/ml); in ...200616909782
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