polymorphisms in th1-type cell-mediated response genes and risk of gastric cancer.helicobacter pylori infection, the dominant risk factor for gastric cancers, has been shown to elicit t helper type 1 (th1) polarized immunological responses. we conducted a population-based study of 305 gastric cancer cases and 427 age- and gender-matched controls in warsaw, poland, to evaluate the association with several variants in genes responsible for th1-cell-mediated response. genotyping was performed on genomic dna by taqman(tm) assays to determine tnfa (-308 g>a, -417 g>a, -555 g>a, -1 ...200716885196
pcr-based diagnosis of helicobacter pylori infection in polish children and adults.infection and associated disease caused by helicobacter pylori are common in poland, as in much of eastern europe, although the genotypes of strains have not been much studied, especially in terms of traits that might be important in disease. this study developed a sensitive and efficient polymerase chain reaction (pcr) test for the presence of h. pylori in gastric biopsy samples with urea gene-specific primers and primers for the virulence-associated cag pathogenicity island (pai). these tests ...199910509476
[changes in gastric mucosa and helicobacter pylori infection in young health volunteers].they examined 114 young health volunteers to establish a frequency of inflammation of gastric mucous membrane and(or) duodenal bulbous, a frequency of helicobacter pylori infection and interdependence between infection and inflammation, smoking and nourishment. they evaluated a frequency and intensity of inflammation in antrum, fundus and duodenal bulbus and present of helicobacter pylori using an urease test and microscopic examination. they noted in young inhabitants of warsaw, appearance of a ...19969139780
genetic variants in t helper cell type 1, 2 and 3 pathways and gastric cancer risk in a polish immune responses are known determinants of gastric cancer susceptibility. we previously reported an increased gastric cancer risk associated with common variants of several t helper type 1 (th1) cytokine genes in a population-based case-control study in warsaw, poland. in the present study, we augmented our investigation to include additional th1 genes as well as key genes in the th2 and th3 pathways. analysis of 378 cases and 435 age- and sex-matched controls revealed associations for poly ...200818687755
blood leukocyte dna hypomethylation and gastric cancer risk in a high-risk polish hypomethylation has been shown to increase genome instability potentially leading to increased cancer risk. we determined whether global methylation in blood leukocyte dna was associated with gastric cancer in a population-based study on 302 gastric cancer cases and 421 age- and sex-matched controls in warsaw, poland, between 1994 and 1996. using pcr-pyrosequencing, we analyzed methylation levels of alu and line-1, 2 cg-rich repetitive elements, to measure global methylation levels. gastr ...201020099281
telomere length in peripheral leukocyte dna and gastric cancer risk.telomere length reflects lifetime cumulative oxidative stress from environmental exposures, such as cigarette smoking and chronic inflammation. shortened telomere length is thought to cause genomic instability and has been associated with several cancers. we examined the association of telomere length in peripheral leukocyte dna with gastric cancer risk as well as potential confounding factors and risk modifiers for telomere length-related risk. in a population-based study of gastric cancer cond ...200919861514
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