evaluation of association between hepatitis a and helicobacter pylori infections and routes of transmission.previous research about coexistence of helicobacter pylori (hp) and hepatitis a virus (hav) infections and the factors that increase their prevalence has suggested that the route of transmission of hp infection includes oral-oral and water-foods as well as the fecal-oral route. the aim of this study was to evaluate the routes of transmission of hp by comparing the seroprevalences of hp and hav in children. one hundred and two children aged 1-18 years living in rural and urban regions of izmir we ...200616848113
seroprevalence of helicobacter pylori in a pediatric population.helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) is one of the common bacterial infections in humans. in this study, seroprevalence of h. pylori infection in a pediatric population in izmir and its relationship with different variables were investigated. two hundred twenty-six children (115 boys, 111 girls, age range: 1-18) were tested for anti-h. pylori igg. socioeconomic conditions, living area (urban or rural), and number of people living in the same house were noted for each subject. h. pylori antibodies wer ...200111432490
serum positive caga in patients with non-ulcer dyspepsia and peptic ulcer disease from two centers in different regions of investigate and compare frequencies of serum positive caga in patients from two separate regions of turkey who were grouped according to the presence of peptic ulcer disease or non-ulcer dyspepsia.200312679943
detection of h. pylori infection by elisa and western blot techniques and evaluation of anti caga seropositivity in adult turkish dyspeptic detect h pylori infection and to evaluate the anti caga seropositivity in adult turkish dyspeptic patients.200616981271
analysis of helicobacter pylori genotypes and correlation with clinical outcome in turkey.the predominant helicobacter pylori strains circulating among geographic locations differ in regard to genomic structure. the association of the caga-positive, vaca s1 genotypes with peptic ulcer disease (pud) and gastric cancer was reported in western countries but not in east asian countries. strains from western countries predominantly possessed caga type 2a, vaca s1a or s1b/m1a, or vaca m2a genotypes, whereas strains from east asia possessed caga type 1a, vaca s1c/m1b, or vaca m2b genotypes. ...200415071020
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