helicobacter pylori baba2 positivity predicts risk of gastric cancer in ardabil, a very high-risk area in iran.ardabil, a northwestern province of iran, was found to have the highest rate of gastric cancer (gc) in the country (asrs = 51.8/100,000 for males and 24.9/100,000 for females) and one of the highest gastric cardia cancer rates in the world. the aim of the present study was to assess the associations of the caga and baba2 status of helicobacter pylori with gc in the ardabil population.201626925671
the role of diet and other environmental factors in the causation of gastric cancer in iran--a population based study.despite a declining trend in the incidence of gastric cancer (gc), it is still a major global public health concern of the 21st century. the rates of gc reported from ardabil province, iran, are among the highest in the world. to investigate risk factors for gc in ardabil, we undertook a population-based case-control study. the study aimed to recruit all ardabil residents newly diagnosed with gc in the time period of 2004-2005, and 2 controls per case. participants were interviewed using a struc ...200919569234
helicobacter pylori genotypes determine risk of non-cardia gastric cancer and intestinal- or diffuse-type gc in ardabil: a very high-risk area in northwestern iran.frequency of the helicobacter pylori vaca gene polymorphism and its association with gastric cancer (gc) was assessed in ardabil, a very high-risk area in northwestern iran. we determined the presence of the h. pylori 16s rdna gene and the vaca s-, m-, i-, and d-region genotypes in dna from fresh gastric biopsies. patients with gc were classified based on both the anatomic site and the histopathologic type of tumor of 135 patients, including 57 with non-atrophic gastritis (nag) and 78 with gc, 1 ...201728390977
gastric cancer in ardabil, iran--a review and update on cancer registry data.the incidence rate of gastric cancer in western countries has shown a remarkable decline in recent years while it is still the most common cancer among men in iran. ardabil, a north western province, was found to have the highest rate of gc in iran and one of the highest gastric cardia cancer rates in the world. we used the most recent data from ardabil cancer registry to update on the incidence and mortality of gc and performed an extensive search of the english and persian literature in pub me ...201021039022
prevalence of gastric precancerous lesions in ardabil, a high incidence province for gastric adenocarcinoma in the northwest of iran.ardabil province, in northwestern iran, has the highest rate of gastric (predominantly cardia) adenocarcinoma in iran. this study aimed to investigate the feasibility of endoscopic screening and to look for associated helicobacter pylori infection and gastric precancerous lesions.200414693833
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