helicobacter pylori vaca d1 genotype predicts risk of gastric adenocarcinoma and peptic ulcers in northwestern iran.there is a close relationship between helicobacter pylori (h pylori)-specific factors and different gastroduodenal diseases. the present study aimed to investigate the prevalence of vaca d1, d2 genotypes in the h pylori isolates from patients with gastric adenocarcinoma, peptic ulcer disease (pud) and gastritis in east azerbaijan region, where the incidence of gastric cancer (gc) is high. strains isolated from this area are likely to be of european ancestry.201424641370
subsite distribution of gastric cancer in an area of high prevalence--northwest iran.the aim of the present study was to determine subsites of gastric cancer in east azerbaijan, iran-a high incidence region for gastric cancer and helicobacter pylori infection.200919542688
detection of helicobacter pylori antigen in stool samples for diagnosis of infection in children.the study evaluated a non-invasive antigen test of stool samples for the diagnosis of helicobacter pylori infection in children compared with histopathology of gastric biopsies (gold standard). the study included 96 children aged 1-15 years old with dyspeptic symptoms referred for endoscopy at tabriz children's hospital, tabriz, islamic republic of iran from may 2003 to march 2004. of 62 children who were positive by histology, 34 were h. pylori stool antigen positive and of 34 patients with neg ...200718290399
the survey of helicobacter pylori infection in infant.this present study was designed to determine the prevalence of h. pylori in infants and correlation of this infection with age. in a prospective descriptive study in tabriz children hospital, we conducted analysis of children within age 2 year or younger who had h. pylori infection that were diagnosed with endoscopies and biopsy. prevalence of infection was higher in the infants whose mothers had a low education level (p = 0.045). the h. pylori prevalence didn't differ between exclusively breast ...201020973402
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