analysis of 3'-end variable region of the caga gene in helicobacter pylori isolated from iranian population.the 3' region of the caga gene, the most well-known virulence factor of helicobacter pylori, contains glu-pro-ile-tyr-ala (epiya) motifs. four segments flanking the epiya motifs, epiya-a, -b, -c, or -d, were reported to play important roles in h. pylori-related gastroduodenal pathogenesis. the aim was to determine the roles of epiya segments in gastroduodenal pathogenesis in an iranian population.201019793167
differences in virulence markers between helicobacter pylori strains from iraq and those from iran: potential importance of regional differences in h. pylori-associated disease.helicobacter pylori causes peptic ulceration and gastric adenocarcinoma; the latter is common in iran but not in iraq. we hypothesized that more virulent h. pylori strains may be found in iran than in iraq and so compared established and newly described virulence factors in strains from these countries. we studied 59 unselected dyspeptic patients from iran and 49 from iraq. caga was found in similar proportions of strains from both countries (76% in iran versus 71% in iraq) and was significantly ...200818353934
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