surveillance for human west nile virus disease - united states, 1999-2008.west nile virus (wnv) is an arthropod-borne virus (arbovirus) in the family flaviviridae and is the leading cause of arboviral disease in the united states. an estimated 80% of wnv infections are asymptomatic. most symptomatic persons develop an acute systemic febrile illness that often includes headache, myalgia, arthralgia, rash, or gastrointestinal symptoms. less than 1% of infected persons develop neuroinvasive disease, which typically presents as encephalitis, meningitis, or acute flaccid p ...201020360671
outbreak of powassan encephalitis--maine and vermont, 1999-2001.powassan (pow) virus, a north american tickborne flavivirus related to the eastern hemisphere's tickborne encephalitis viruses, was first isolated from a patient with encephalitis in 1958. during 1958-1998, 27 human pow encephalitis cases were reported from canada and the northeastern united states. during september 1999-july 2001, four maine and vermont residents with encephalitis were found to be infected with pow virus. these persons were tested for other arbovirus infections found in the nor ...200111787585
seroprevalence of powassan virus in new england deer, 1979-2010.powassan virus and its subtype, deer tick virus, are closely related tick-borne flaviviruses that circulate in north america. the incidence of human infection by these agents appears to have increased in recent years. to define exposure patterns among white-tailed deer, potentially useful sentinels that are frequently parasitized by ticks, we screened serum samples collected during 1979-2010 in connecticut, maine, and vermont for neutralizing antibody by using a novel recombinant deer tick virus ...201323568288
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