la crosse encephalitis: a persistent arboviral threat in north carolina.mosquito-borne diseases remain a significant cause of economic, social, and health burdens in north carolina. although recently overshadowed by emerging threats such as chikungunya virus and zika virus, la crosse virus and other endemic arboviruses remain persistent environmental health hazards. indeed, la crosse virus, west nile virus, and eastern equine encephalitis virus accounted for more than 98% of the reported human arboviral diseases acquired in north carolina in the past decade. arbovir ...201627621342
west nile virus activity--united states, october 13-19, 2004.during october 13-19, a total of 200 cases of human west nile virus (wnv) illness were reported from 20 states (arizona, arkansas, california, colorado, illinois, indiana, iowa, kansas, maryland, michigan, mississippi, missouri, nevada, new mexico, north carolina, oklahoma, pennsylvania, south dakota, wisconsin, and wyoming).200415499683
west nile virus infection in a teenage boy with acute lymphocytic leukemia in remission.west nile virus (wnv) infection is an important cause of encephalitis. although the medical literature contains examples of wnv encephalitis in susceptible, mainly elderly, immunocompromised hosts, few case reports have described pediatric cases. the authors describe an adolescent with acute lymphocytic leukemia and wnv encephalitis. surveillance studies indicate an increase in wnv activity. physicians need to be aware of wnv activity in their community and consider wnv as a potential source of ...200516344671
west nile virus encephalitis infection in a heart transplant recipient: a case report.infection with west nile virus (wnv) ranges from causing no symptoms to causing non-specific fever, meningitis, meningo-encephalitis and death. advanced age and immunosuppression are the greatest risk factors for the development of encephalitis or other neurologic manifestations of wnv. we report the first fatal case of primary wnv infection in an orthotopic heart transplant recipient. we reviewed the literature on wnv infection in the general population and in immunocompromised hosts. as wnv be ...200515896763
west nile virus activity--united states, august 18-24, 2004.during august 18-24, a total of 154 cases of human west nile virus (wnv) illness were reported from 18 states (alabama, arizona, california, colorado, connecticut, florida, georgia, illinois, kentucky, minnesota, mississippi, missouri, nevada, new mexico, north carolina, south dakota, tennessee, and wisconsin).200415329654
the emergence of west nile virus in north america: ecology, epidemiology, and late summer 1999, the first domestically acquired human cases of wn encephalitis were documented in the usa. aggressive vector-control and public education efforts by state and local public health officials limited the extent of human involvement. the discovery of virus-infected, overwintering mosquitoes during the winter of 1999-2000, predicted renewed virus activity for the following spring, and prompted early season vector-control activities and disease surveillance efforts in nyc and the ...200212082991
update: west nile virus activity--eastern united states, reported to cdc through the west nile virus (wnv) surveillance system have shown an increase in the geographic range of wnv activity in 2000 compared with 1999, the first year that wnv was reported in the western hemisphere. in response to this occurrence of wnv, 17 states along the atlantic and gulf coasts, new york city, and the district of columbia conducted wnv surveillance, which included monitoring mosquitoes, sentinel chicken flocks, wild birds, and potentially susceptible mammals (e ...200011105767
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