the continuous spread of west nile virus (wnv): seroprevalence in asymptomatic horses.west nile virus (wnv) was probably introduced in southern and northern mexico from the usa in two independent events. since then, wnv activity has been reported in several mexican states bordering the usa and the gulf of mexico, but disease manifestations seen there in humans and equids are quite different to those observed in the usa. we have analysed wnv seroprevalence in asymptomatic, unvaccinated equids from two mexican states where no data had been previously recorded. wnv igg antibodies we ...200919288961
potential sympatric vectors and mammalian hosts of venezuelan equine encephalitis virus in southern mexico.arboviruses are important zoonotic agents with complex transmission cycles and are not well understood because they may involve many vectors and hosts. we studied sympatric wild mammals and hematophagous mosquitoes having the potential to act as hosts and vectors in two areas of southern mexico. mosquitoes, bats, and rodents were captured in calakmul (campeche) and montes azules (chiapas), between november 2010 and august 2011. spleen samples from 146 bats and 14 rodents were tested for molecula ...201728384059
west nile virus activity in mosquitoes and domestic animals in chiapas, méxico.prior to 2006, west nile virus (wnv) had not been definitively detected in chiapas, the southernmost state of mexico, although it circulates elsewhere in mexico and central america. we collected over 30,000 mosquitoes and blood-sampled 351 domestic animals in chiapas in search for evidence of current or recent transmission of wnv. two mosquito pools tested positive for wnv rna and 17 domestic animals tested positive for specific wnv-neutralizing antibodies, including young animals (<1 year old) ...200919281433
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