Serologic survey of humans for flavivirus West Nile in Southern Moravia (Czech Republic).A serosurvey for West Nile virus (WNV) was carried out in 525 persons, using a plaque-reduction neutralization microtest (PRNmicroT) with Vero cells and Egyptian topotype Eg-101 strain as test virus. The blood sera were collected in four South-Moravian districts (Hodonin 44 persons, Breclav 102 persons, Znojmo 170 persons, Jihlava 209 persons) of the Czech Republic in the years 1988 and 1989, and stored at -20 degrees C. Antibodies to WNV were detected in only three humans (0.6% seropositivity): ...201122026285
[examination of mosquitoes collected in southern moravia in 2006-2008 tested for arboviruses].the main goals of the study were to carry out virus isolation attempts on vero cell cultures from mosquitoes collected in southern moravia (breclav district, czech republic) and to identify the isolates using a microtiter virus neutralization test. a total of 9.742 female mosquitoes belonging to 13 species were examined, and three viral strains were isolated, all from the mosquitoes collected in 2006: two of these isolates were identified as tahyna orthobunyavirus (both obtained from aedes vexan ...201020925246
mosquito (diptera: culicidae) surveillance for arboviruses in an area endemic for west nile (lineage rabensburg) and tahyna viruses in central europe.six viral isolates were obtained from 23,243 female mosquitoes (examined in 513 pools) belonging to 16 species and collected along the lower reaches of the dyje river in south moravia (czech republic, central europe) during 2006-2008: five isolates of orthobunyavirus tahyna (tahv, california group, family bunyaviridae: three isolations from aedes vexans (meigen), one from ae. sticticus (meigen), one from culex modestus ficalbi); and one isolation of flavivirus west nile (wnv, japanese encephalit ...201020496595
serologic survey of birds for west nile flavivirus in southern moravia (czech republic).a serosurvey for west nile virus (wnv) was carried out in 54 domestic birds (geese and ducks bred on fishponds) and 391 wild birds representing 28 migratory and resident species, using a plaque-reduction neutralization microtest with vero cells and egyptian topotype eg-101 strain as test virus. the birds were sampled in the south-moravian fishpond ecosystem between 2004 and 2006. antibodies to wnv were not detected in domestic waterfowl, but 23 (5.9%) free-living birds of 10 species showed a pos ...200818454599
[surveillance of mosquito-borne viruses in breclav after the flood of 1997].in july 1997, devastating floods occurred after heavy rains in moravia, czech republic. mosquito populations increased abruptly in the flooded area thereafter. we carried out a surveillance for mosquito-borne virus infections in the breclav area, south moravia, including serosurveys of inhabitants. a total of 11,334 female mosquitoes in 117 pools (9,100 aedes vexans, 917 a. cinereus, 11 a. cantans, 1,074 a. sticticus and 232 culex pipiens pipiens) were examined by virological methods. seven viru ...199910528440
[surveillance of west nile fever in horses in the czech republic from 2011 to 2013].the west nile virus (wnv) is an important mosquito-borne flavivirus occurring around the world. occasionally found in central europe, the virus spread massively through whole hungary between 2008 and 2009. the aim of our study was to determine the recent prevalence of the wnv infection in horses in the czech republic.201425523225
serological survey for west nile virus in wild artiodactyls, southern moravia (czech republic).antibodies to west nile virus (wnv) were examined by plaque-reduction neutralization test in the blood sera of 1023 wild artiodactyls: 105 roe deer (capreolus capreolus), 148 red deer (cervus elaphus), 287 fallow deer (dama dama), 71 mouflons (ovis musimon), and 412 wild boars (sus scrofa), sampled in south moravian district of breclav (czech republic) in the years 1990-2008. neutralizing antibodies were detected in 5.9% of wild ruminants (4.8% roe deer, 4.1% red deer, 6.3% fallow deer, 9.9% mou ...201728727516
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