control of arbovirus infections by a coordinated response: west nile virus in england and wales.although there is no recognized transmission of human arboviral infections in the uk, concerns about the possible spread of west nile virus (wnv) have precipitated coordinated activities around both surveillance and response. the department of health has chaired a uk wnv task force since the end of 2000. this is a multidisciplinary group of senior representatives from agencies and government departments involved in human and animal health, entomology and academic departments. activities include ...200617054715
enhanced west nile virus surveillance in the north kent marshes, part of efforts to more fully understand the potential risks posed by west nile virus (wnv) and usutu virus (usuv) in the uk, and following on from previous reports of a potential bridge vector culex modestus for these viruses, at wetland sites in north kent, mosquito surveillance was undertaken more widely across the isle of sheppey, the hoo peninsula and the kent mainland.201525884920
colonization of a newly constructed urban wetland by mosquitoes in england: implications for nuisance and vector species.urban wetlands are being created in the uk as part of sustainable urban drainage strategies, to create wetland habitats lost during development, to provide a habitat for protected species, and to increase the public's access to 'blue-space' for the improvement of health and well-being. sewage treatment reedbeds are also being incorporated into newly constructed wetlands to offer an alternative approach to dealing with sewage. this field study aims to provide the first uk evidence of how such new ...201425424253
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