[toscana virus, west nile virus and lymphochoriomeningitis virus as causing agents of aseptic meningitis in spain].cases of aseptic meningitis (am) are mostly due to enterovirus (ev), herpesvirus, and mumps virus (mv). an important number of cases remains without an etiologic diagnosis.200919375119
serosurvey reveals exposure to west nile virus in asymptomatic horse populations in central spain prior to recent disease foci.west nile fever/encephalitis (wnf) is an infectious disease affecting horses, birds and humans, with a cycle involving birds as natural reservoirs and mosquitoes as transmission vectors. it is a notifiable disease, re-emerging in europe. in spain, it first appeared in horses in the south (andalusia) in 2010, where outbreaks occur every year since. however, in 2014, an outbreak was declared in horses in central spain, approximately 200 km away from the closest foci in andalusia. before that, evid ...201627156847
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