serosurvey of west nile virus and other flaviviruses of the japanese encephalitis antigenic complex in birds from andalusia, southern spain.abstract flaviviruses of the japanese encephalitis virus (jev) antigenic complex, including west nile virus (wnv), are recognized as emerging and reemerging pathogens. circulation of flaviviruses has been recently detected in different mosquito and vertebrate species in several european countries. a serosurvey study was carried out to evaluate the circulation of wnv and other flaviviruses of the jev antigenic complex in different wild bird species in spain between 2006 and 2009. seropositiviy ag ...201021142954
[first confirmed cases of human meningoencephalitis due to west nile virus in andalusia, spain]. 201222537945
seroprevalence and risk factors associated to west nile virus in horses from andalusia, southern spain.west nile virus (wnv) is recognized as an emerging zoonotic pathogen, whose incidence in horses, humans and birds has increased significantly in different european countries in the last decade. a serosurvey study was carried out in non vaccinated horses to determine the geographical distribution of wnv in andalusia (southern spain), and to assess the factors that influence the risk of wnv infection in horses. antibodies to wnv were detected in 54 out of 510 horses analyzed by a blocking elisa, o ...201222776513
serosurvey reveals exposure to west nile virus in asymptomatic horse populations in central spain prior to recent disease foci.west nile fever/encephalitis (wnf) is an infectious disease affecting horses, birds and humans, with a cycle involving birds as natural reservoirs and mosquitoes as transmission vectors. it is a notifiable disease, re-emerging in europe. in spain, it first appeared in horses in the south (andalusia) in 2010, where outbreaks occur every year since. however, in 2014, an outbreak was declared in horses in central spain, approximately 200 km away from the closest foci in andalusia. before that, evid ...201627156847
monitoring of west nile virus, usutu virus and meaban virus in waterfowl used as decoys and wild raptors in southern the last decade, the number of emerging flaviviruses described worldwide has increased considerably, with wild birds acting as the main reservoir hosts of these viruses. we carried out an epidemiological survey to determine the seroprevalence of antigenically related flaviviruses, particularly west nile virus (wnv), usutu virus (usuv) and meaban virus (mbv), in waterfowl used as decoys and wild raptors in andalusia (southern spain), the region considered to have the highest risk of flavivirus ...201627865265
monitoring of the west nile virus epidemic in spain between 2010 and 2011.west nile virus (wnv) is a mosquito-transmitted flavivirus recognized as an emerging and re-emerging pathogen in different countries. this study describes the monitoring of the first wnv epidemic in spain between 2010 and 2011. between september and december 2010, 36 outbreaks of wnv in horses were reported in three different provinces of andalusia (southern spain), with no apparent spread outside this area. the temporal distribution and the clinical signs observed during the wnv epidemic in spa ...201122212118
[toscana virus, west nile virus and lymphochoriomeningitis virus as causing agents of aseptic meningitis in spain].cases of aseptic meningitis (am) are mostly due to enterovirus (ev), herpesvirus, and mumps virus (mv). an important number of cases remains without an etiologic diagnosis.200919375119
prevalence of west nile virus neutralizing antibodies in spain is related to the behavior of migratory birds.west nile virus (wnv) is a bird flavivirus capable of infecting horses and humans that is transmitted by blood-sucking vectors. in europe and africa, sporadic infections and outbreaks causing human illness and deaths have occurred and have led to 2 mutually nonexclusive hypotheses regarding the circulation of wnv in europe: (1) the occurrence of endemic sylvatic cycles that occasionally result in human or equine infection, or (2) sporadic seeding of wnv by migratory birds from areas where the vi ...200818399777
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