sentinel chicken surveillance program in australia, july 2002 to june 2003.detection of flavivirus seroconversions in sentinel chicken flocks located throughout australia is used to provide an early warning of increased levels of murray valley encephalitis (mve) and kunjin (kun) virus activity in the region. during the 2002-2003 season low levels of flavivirus activity were detected in northern australia compared to previous years. mve and kun virus activity was detected in the kimberley and pilbara regions of western australia and the northern territory but not in nor ...200314510063
molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of murray valley encephalitis virus and west nile virus (kunjin subtype) from an arbovirus disease outbreak in horses in victoria, australia, in 2011.virus was detected in the central nervous system (cns) tissue of 11 horses from victoria that died displaying neurological symptoms during an outbreak of disease in australia in 2011. five horses were identified as being infected with murray valley encephalitis virus (mvev) and 6 as being infected with west nile virus subtype kunjin (wnv(kun)). analysis of partial sequence information from the ns5 and e genes indicated that the mvevs within the samples were highly homogenous and all belonged to ...201323345269
virulence and evolution of west nile virus, australia, 1960-2012.worldwide, west nile virus (wnv) causes encephalitis in humans, horses, and birds. the kunjin strain of wnv (wnvkun) is endemic to northern australia, but infections are usually asymptomatic. in 2011, an unprecedented outbreak of equine encephalitis occurred in southeastern australia; most of the ≈900 reported cases were attributed to a newly emerged wnvkun strain. to investigate the origins of this virus, we performed genetic analysis and in vitro and in vivo studies of 13 wnvkun isolates colle ...027433830
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